5 ERP Trends to Embrace In 2023 and Beyond 

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Today, technology is more accessible than ever, and organizations across the globe are working to increase their digital transformation and technology immersion maturity. By fusing the right emerging technologies with new ideas on how our customers can run their projects, collaborate with their partners, and empower their employees to make better decisions, we are delivering on the promise of purposeful innovation.

Technology Trends in ERP for 2023

As we kick off this year and focus on future success, here are five ERP technology trends around which Deltek continues to evolve our product offerings. By embracing and exploiting these trends, your businesses can further power your project success in 2023 and beyond:


Accessibility, value and viability for things like RPA and business process automation (BPA) have become more prevalent than ever. As a result, enabling and further leveraging automation capabilities within ERP solutions is proving to be invaluable. For example, when capabilities are built into ERP solutions that utilize bots and automation tools to complete repetitive tasks, the process removes those tasks out of the hands of humans, creating significant benefits and allowing individuals to shift the focus on more value-adding efforts.

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There is an amplified focus on project management tools and the discipline itself. The process begins with competent project managers, which leads to successful projects and ends with the ultimate goal of satisfied customers. This model enhances project management capabilities and offers project managers more insight into their projects, a distinct focus of ERP solutions that are purpose-built for project-focused businesses.

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The use of artificial intelligence is a deeply rooted trend in technology today, and its place in ERP solutions is no exception. The accessibility of AI and related technologies allow for seamless integration into ERP solutions, steering the primary focus to drive awareness and insights. By using AI-based tools, data from within ERP solutions can initiate more informed decision making by helping to identify red flags before they become issues.

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As organizations continue to identify point solutions to meet their specific company or industry needs, the necessity to connect those solutions to the top of the ERP mothership is increasing. It’s essential for ERP solutions to continue to offer expansive integration capabilities for key players and businesses to communicate with each other effectively. This emphasis contributes to efficiencies, eliminates redundant tasks and fosters the ability to see the business through a single pane of glass.

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While this is a perennial trend that has been further fueled by the pandemic, it still remains very relevant in the context of ERP. Businesses continue their transition to primarily cloud-based solutions and ERP products, and as a result, Deltek will prioritize the focus on cloud-first and cloud-optimized strategies.

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