Nucleus ERP Technology Value Matrix

Discover the latest insights on ERP technology and Deltek within the Nucleus Research ERP Technology Value Matrix.

Delivering Value for Project-Based Businesses of All Sizes

The Nucleus ERP Technology Value Matrix is an annual report that provides a snapshot of the current ERP market. It is designed to help prospects and customers understand how enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors are delivering value and where they are making significant investments in innovation.

"In this year’s report, Nucleus found that large and small companies alike are continuing to leverage ERP software, like Deltek, to enable agility and predictive insights."
Samuel Hamway
Nucleus Research Analyst

Enterprise ERP Technology Value Matrix

The 2024 Enterprise Technology Value Matrix evaluates ERP vendors that deliver proven value through deep functionality and industry-specific capabilities. This year Deltek was named an Expert by Nucleus for our innovative portfolio of software and information solutions that meet the needs of large project-based businesses. 

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