PNJ Engineering Automates Processes with Deltek Vantagepoint & Rhodium Digital

An interview with Param Dhillon, General Manager, PNJ Engineering Inc. and Craig LaFranchise, General Manager, Rhodium Digital

Canadian owned multi-disciplinary engineering firm PNJ Engineering Inc. specializes in pavement technology, materials engineering, inspection and testing, geotechnical, and concrete technology. The firm, founded in 2020, now utilizes Deltek Vantagepoint Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to better manage their projects, improve visibility, and automate processes.

When senior engineers and technologists came together in 2020 to start multi-disciplinary engineering firm PNJ, they selected an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution they thought would provide the necessary functionality to move their business forward. However, they soon discovered that the software was missing core functionality. They couldn’t easily create reports or apply filters – limiting their insight into overall performance metrics.

As a result, the management team decided to pursue a more robust project-based ERP solution designed for the way their firm does business. Having experience with Deltek products from previous roles, they opted to elevate their technology to the industry’s leading solution designed for architecture and engineering firms, Deltek Vantagepoint.

How Deltek Vantagepoint Drives Business Success

PNJ’s General Manager, Param Dhillon, shares three ways this modern ERP solution is driving business success and profitability.


The ability to easily configure, and where necessary create reports in Deltek Vantagepoint, provides additional functionality PNJ didn’t have with their previous ERP software – giving the team critical insight on their project profitability and overall business operations. And the Project Review function provides a real-time snapshot of where the PNJ team is with the project at any time.

According to Param, “You get immediate insight, so you know if you need to make changes to your process to make sure that the project is profitable.”

PNJ also utilizes reports to track overall efficiencies, to see if projects are on budget, check resource allocation, job-to-date costs (JTD), and estimate to completion (ETC) so they can monitor performance, make changes and improve overall project profitability.

“The modern interface of Deltek Vantagepoint is one of my

favorite features, along with the additional functionality.”

– Param Dhillon, General Manager, PNJ


Param’s favorite time-saving feature in Deltek Vantagepoint, is the back-end automation of timesheets and expense reports. With this added functionality PNJ is able to automate these core operational processes, reducing their busywork. And, as an added bonus, employees can record time and expenses from anywhere with the Time & Expense mobile app.

With Deltek Vantagepoint, PNJ now schedules Accounts Receivable (AR) reports for Project Managers to review every two weeks so they can keep everything moving. And their Accounting team is able to spend less time overall reconciling finances so they can more easily finish up month-end. These automated processes result in faster billing, and ultimately expedited cash flow.


Since implementing Vantagepoint, PNJ is happy with their decision to align with Deltek and Deltek Partner, Rhodium Digital. Having previous experience with Deltek’s project-based ERP solutions at a prior company, Param was pleased with the modern advancements found in the latest Vantagepoint release.

PNJ was guided by Rhodium Digital throughout their system evaluation, selection and implementation. Their working relationship spans over 10 years so Param is excited to partner with them again on such an important business initiative.

“We’re honored to be able to continue our long-standing relationship with Param and his team,” said Craig LaFranchise, General Manager of Rhodium Digital. “Pairing the enhancements Deltek incorporated into Vantagepoint with PNJ’s familiarity with Vision combined to deliver a timely and impactful implementation.”

PNJ complemented Rhodium’s consulting guidance with Deltek University for employee training. “We learn something every time,” Param stated, “and we appreciate the on-demand content available anywhere, anytime.”

What’s Next

With all the added benefits that come from a modern solution, PNJ is looking forward to managing their upcoming projects in Deltek Vantagepoint and pursuing new project opportunities aided by the solutions’ CRM functionality. Along with the opportunity to tap further into Deltek University for continuous learning and Rhodium Digital’s recommendations toward continued adoption of more functionality within Vantagepoint.

PNJ is also eagerly anticipating the additional time savings and productivity improvements that will power their project success and continued growth.

About PNJ Engineering PNJ Engineering Inc is a Canadian owned professional company formed by a group of Senior Engineers and Technologists. This multi-disciplinary firm provides services in the fields of Pavement Technology, Materials Engineering, Inspection and Testing, Geotechnical, and Concrete Technology. PNJ develops and implements appropriate and effective quality control and quality assurance programs with the specific needs of their clients in mind.

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