Rhodium Digital broadens North American reach with SilverEdge Systems Acquisition

Supercharging expertise in Deltek Products, Integrations, and AI

A Message For Our Clients

Rhodium Digital, a Deltek Premier Partner and technology advisory firm specializing in transformative solutions for project-centric businesses, is excited to announce its acquisition of SilverEdge Systems (https://www.silveredge.com/), another Deltek Premier Partner and ERP advisory company known for its passionate and expert client service. This strategic union enhances Rhodium Digital’s robust suite of Deltek services, ERP, CRM, and BI solutions, and elevates SilverEdge’s exceptional offerings, ensuring our clients receive unmatched value and innovation.

For the few hundred firms Rhodium Digital and SilverEdge have been privileged to serve, your trusted Deltek Partners have united! Why is this significant for you?

Our combined expertise is dedicated to simplifying your work processes. For project-centric professional services firms, we are now better equipped to help you innovate and streamline operations within and around your Deltek ERP. We actively listen to your needs and transform your software into a powerful tool that addresses challenges, optimizes processes, and lightens your workload. Driven by a genuine passion for our clients' success, we believe that our true achievement lies in empowering your people to excel. We are committed to making your teams more successful by providing the right solutions and support.

We look forward to introducing extended offerings to our client community over the coming months.

Ryan Steil, Craig LaFranchise, & Michael Dobler - Managing Partners at Rhodium Digital
For the Love of Our Clients - Their Progress is Our Passion

A Synergy of Excellence

The acquisition of SilverEdge by Rhodium Digital marks a significant milestone for both firms. Sharing a commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, this partnership creates a synergy of excellence, uniting two award-winning firms within the Deltek community.

– Rhodium: Deltek 2023 MVP Partner Award Winner, 2022 Rising Star Americas Partner of the Year
– SilverEdge: Deltek’s 2022 & 2023 Customer Satisfaction Partner of the Year, Deltek Project Excellence Award Winner 2008 & 2010
– Joint Recognition: Named to ERP Global Insights “VAR Stars” consecutively for 10+ years
– SilverEdge: Deltek 2019 MVP Award Finalist
– SilverEdge: Deltek Project Excellence Award Finalist 2009, 2012, 2016, 2018
– SilverEdge: Deltek Project Excellence Award Winner 2008 & 2010

Rhodium Digital has deep roots in the Deltek Partner ecosystem dating back to 2006, with a reputation for delivering comprehensive digital solutions that drive business growth and process efficiencies. Serving a diverse client portfolio—including businesses in Architecture, Engineering, and Management Consultancies across various industries—Rhodium’s team has consistently helped advisory businesses transform and thrive in the digital era.

SilverEdge, with its robust service offerings and unparalleled client-centric approach, has been a trusted name in the Deltek community for over 30 years, serving clients across North America. Renowned for its expertise in streamlining business processes and enhancing operational efficiency, SilverEdge’s products and services are tailored to meet the unique needs of growing project-centric professional services firms, aligning perfectly with Rhodium’s core clientele.

Key Benefits of the Acquisition

Client-Centric Focus

Our priority remains on our clients, and this focus will only grow stronger with Rhodium Digital and SilverEdge coming together. We will continue to provide personalized, high-quality services and support, ensuring a smooth transition and uninterrupted business operations. Clients can expect regular updates and open communication throughout the integration process.

Expanded Product Portfolio

Clients now have access to an enhanced portfolio for professional services firms, including project management, financial systems, and resource planning solutions.

Core Deltek offerings like Vantagepoint, Vision, Ajera, Replicon, Unionpoint, Talent Management, Project Information Management, and GovWin IQ are included.

Unified Expertise

Clients will benefit from the combined expertise of both firms, including expanded training programs, a more robust knowledge base, and access to a wider range of industry-specific solutions, including:

-Software Evaluation Support
-Deltek Vantagepoint Implementations
-Deltek Vantagepoint Upgrades
-On-Premise to Cloud Conversions
-Data Migrations, Workflow Enhancements

Enhanced Innovation

The merger of Rhodium Digital and SilverEdge will fuel greater innovation, resulting in the development of cutting-edge solutions that drive business success. By combining their expertise, the two companies will create new, innovative software features that leverage their collective strengths, ensuring clients receive the most effective and tailored solutions available.

Improved Customer Support

This acquisition enhances our customer support, ensuring unparalleled service from a larger consulting team. Clients will benefit from faster response times, comprehensive training, and personalized support, strengthening our commitment to exceptional service.

Solutions Offered

-System Integrations (commonly via API or Deltek Unionpoint)
-User Training & Functionality Optimizations
-M&A Amalgamations
-Data Warehouse Initiatives
-Accounting Process Audits, Troubleshooting, Best Practices, and CRM Process Audits
-Customizations – Reports, Invoices, Workflows, Automations
-Enhanced Business Intelligence – Microsoft Power BI (among other apps)

We are committed to continuous improvement. Clients can anticipate new product developments and enhancements leveraging the latest technologies to keep them at the forefront of industry advancements.

Questions + Answers

The combined teams of SilverEdge and Rhodium Digital will enhance the range and quality of services available to our clients. By combining our expertise and resources, we can provide more comprehensive solutions and create new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Rhodium Digital is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. Both Rhodium and SilverEdge serves clients across North America and the UK.

The current SilverEdge office, located outside Chicago, Illinois, will continue to run as usual. Clients can expect the same level of service and support from the team across the USA.

With the merger, clients will benefit from an expanded range of ERP solutions tailored to various industries, including advanced project management tools, financial management systems, and resource planning solutions. The combined expertise of both companies will foster greater innovation, leading to cutting-edge solutions that drive business success. Additionally, clients will experience improved customer support with a more robust support system and faster response times.

Current consulting engagements will continue to be managed by existing consultants from SilverEdge. For new engagements, Rhodium’s consulting team and SilverEdge consultants will collaboratively assign the most suitable consulting resources, ensuring the best functional fit and timely project delivery.

Maria Vedral


“Joining forces with Rhodium Digital is an exciting opportunity for SilverEdge. We have always been committed to helping businesses optimize their operations through our ERP solutions. With Rhodium’s extensive technical capabilities, we’re confident that we can offer our clients enhanced services and innovative solutions that will drive their continued success. And most importantly for me, is that our values align!”

Ryan Steil

Managing Partner
Rhodium Digital

“We are thrilled to welcome SilverEdge into the Rhodium Digital family. This acquisition enhances our mission to empower businesses with innovative solutions. SilverEdge’s dedication to client success and strong reputation align perfectly with our values. We look forward to combining our strengths to deliver even greater value and help our clients thrive.”

Craig LaFranchise

Managing Partner
Rhodium Digital

“Our collaboration is already benefiting clients who now have access to a larger team of experienced Deltek Consultants committed to driving system and process improvements. Combining industry expertise and our shared goal of delivering value in every client interaction, we’re eager to support the growth of our staff and clients!


Michael Dobler

Managing Partner
Rhodium Digital

“We are delighted to announce the integration of SilverEdge into the Rhodium Digital fold. This strategic merger marks a pivotal moment in our pursuit to deliver comprehensive digital solutions that propel our clients forward. I’m eagerly anticipating the opportunities our combined strengths will create and the exceptional value we will deliver to our clients together.”

About Rhodium Digital

Rhodium Digital is a technology advisory practice and Deltek Premier Partner dedicated to empowering project-centric businesses. Specializing in ERP, PSA, CRM, and BI software solutions, Rhodium is dedicated to helping clients develop future-resilient firms that enable their people, processes, and systems to achieve sustainable growth.

About SilverEdge Systems

SilverEdge is a leading software advisory firm and Deltek Premier Partner with a strong track record of providing innovative solutions that focus on helping professional services firms that need to manage projects, grow, and improve their organization with holistic solutions. Client success is SilverEdge’s passion.

Ryan Steil

Managing Partner

Rhodium Digital

Maria Vedral


SilverEdge Systems
800-438-6860 x711