Intimate Technical knowledge of Vantagepoint’s internal structure paired with 95+ years of Functional expertise in the project-centric ERP industry, allow us to deliver what is both technically feasible and practical from your End-Users’ perspective.

Our Technical specialists speak multiple programming languages including (but not limited) to SQL, C#, HTML5, Visual Basic, and JavaScript. While our Functional specialists are fluent in both GAAP and IFRS.

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"Overview of the Vantagepoint REST API"

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"Automate Your Invoice Delivery Using Unionpoint & Microsoft Outlook"

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Every Project Starts With a Conversation

Thinking it would be helpful to discuss potential initiatives your team is looking to deliver? 

Common topics range from Business Intelligence Solutions (Power BI, Tableau, insightsoftware), Customizations (Tailored Reports & Invoices, Workflows/Automations) to Integrations (using Vantagepoint’s REST API or Deltek’s Unionpoint Integration Platform) and anything in between.

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Vision to Vantagepoint Transition Services

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Technology Solutions for Project-Centric Firms

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Rhodium's Advanced Configurations & Customizations

Take the opportunity to tailor your system to operate the way you do. Bridge the gap between what Vantagepoint/Vision offers and what your firms need your system to accommodate everyday.

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