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Rhodium Digital proudly partners with Replicon to offer the Polaris PSA, an innovative system tailored for firms in architecture, engineering, and consulting. This Professional Services Automation (PSA) system provides comprehensive solutions for project delivery, financial planning, and resource management.

Rhodium’s expertise in leveraging Polaris ensures clients benefit from real-time project performance insights, resource allocation, and financial tracking, which enhance decision-making and resource optimization.

By partnering with Rhodium Digital, clients receive tailored solutions that streamline project workflows, enhance collaboration, and boost overall efficiency, laying a solid foundation for growth and success.

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Introducing the Replicon Polaris PSA

Polaris PSA harnesses SmartBeats to gather extensive real-time data across projects, resources, and finances, establishing a reliable and constantly updated single source of truth. This ensures stakeholders have a clear understanding of current operations. MissionControl simplifies the interpretation of this data, while Polaris itself actively performs data analysis, providing actionable insights and recommendations.

This enables leaders to make informed decisions effectively. Covering everything from generating intelligent bids and managing projects in real-time to optimizing resource deployment and streamlining billing processes, Polaris PSA is a robust professional services automation solution tailored to meet diverse business requirements.

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Increased Efficiency

Automate and accelerate operations, from time tracking to project management.

Enhanced Financial Control

Gain deep insights into project profitability, cost management, and revenue optimization.

Optimized Resource Allocation

Ensure the best use of your team's talents with AI-driven resource matching and scheduling.

Key Features of Polaris PSA

Automated Project Management

Utilize tools like SmartBeats for real-time updates and alerts on project status, helping keep everything on track without manual oversight.

Intelligent Resource Management

SmartMatch technology aids in assigning the right resources to the right projects based on skills, availability, and project requirements.

Real-Time Project Management

The software uses SmartBeats to provide continuous updates on project status, enabling real-time management of project delivery and risks​.

Financial Modeling and Optimization

Polaris' SmartBudget tool aids in creating profitable bids by considering full resource costs and utilization, aiming to maximize margins and overall profitability​.

Advanced Analytics and Visibility

With MissionControl, users gain real-time visibility into crucial business metrics like profits, margins, and revenues, helping managers make data-driven decisions.

Governance and Standardization

The system helps standardize processes across the organization, enforcing consistent execution and facilitating growth through configurable project stages and documentation requirements​.

Seamless Integration

Polaris PSA integrates easily with other critical business systems such as CRM, ERP, and HRMS, ensuring that all project and time data is centralized and synchronized​

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Replicon Software

Project & Resource Management

Gain real-time visibility into ongoing projects and tasks, upcoming projects, pending resource requests with AI/ML-powered SmartBeats. Review all project and resource data in real-time to make informed decisions.

Gain real-time visibility into all upcoming and ongoing projects, resource requests, resource availability, updated skills & certifications to drive effective resource allocation. Significantly improve resource utilization by allocating the right resource with right skills to the right projects.

Proactively identify project risk levels with our AI-powered project risk scoring. Mitigate project risks to ensure on-time, on-budget service delivery.

The Benefits of Polaris

AI-powered time and resource management for your global business on one platform.

Time & Billing

Track project time and costs to bill clients accurately with TimeBill

Project Time & Cost

Track time spent on projects for costing and chargebacks with ProjectTime

Enterprise Time Tracking

Track time for all employees across large businesses with Enterprise Time Tracking

Time Off

Manage paid-time off for employees and project resources with TimeOff

Polaris PSA

Keep projects, resources, and finances on track with self-driving PSA

Time and Attendance

Track time and attendance for labor compliance and payroll with TimeAttend

Workforce Management

Manage your employee time, schedules and compliance with Workforce Management

Global Time and Gross Pay

Unified time and attendance with global compliance with Global Time and Gross Pay

Global Time Off

Manage global employee absences and compliance with Global TimeOff

Polaris PPM

Align project strategy, budgets and execution with self-driving PPM


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